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River Light vs. MN Aurora Post Match

River Light FC took on Minnesota Aurora and ended the duel on a 1-1 draw, with Minnesota Aurora equalizing after River Light took the lead in the second half.

Minnesota Gophers Mya Nugent scored her second goal of the season at Spartan Athletic Complex on Saturday, while Syrucuse’s Blythe Braun put in a good shift with five saves.

Minnesota Aurora took the first warning shot early in the first half, forcing Braun to dive and deny Minnesota Aurora the opportunity to open the game up.

As Minnesota Aurora held on to possession of the ball, River Light looked for offensive mistakes to try and counter attack which resulted in their first chance of the half.

Overall, River Light was more efficient in the first half with two of their three shots ending on target, while Minnesota Aurora had more chances overall with five shots with two being on target.

River Light got more comfortable as the half went on despite Aurora’s insistence to land the first punch. While the first half ended in a scoreless stalemate, there were good chances on both

sides of the field.

Just seven minutes into the second half, Michigan State’s Mackenzie Anthony ignited a counter attack that ran down the left flank, crossing the ball near the final third to an open Mya Nugent who slipped past the keeper for River Lights' opening goal.

“I was pretty wide open, took on the goalkeeper and just dribbled it in,” Nugent said.

The early second half blow was a wake up call for Minnesota Aurora who’s undefeated regular season stint was in danger. Not wasting any more daylight, Minnesota Aurora took advantage of a freekick and scored from a towering header from Sophie French to draw the game.

At the end of the day it was the keepers who decided the game as they kept out multiple chances for both teams, ending their first matchup in a draw.

There’s little time to rest as River Light FC hosts Chicago City SC at Spartan Athletic Complex today at 7 p.m.


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