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March 7th  - Aurora,  Illinois

River Light FC joins forces with Invictus Health & Recovery and Dr.Patrick Caulfield to create an environment for players to receive quality care when it comes to injury prevention, recovery and therapy.


Through this partnership, River Light FC players will get the opportunity to work with Invictus Health & Recovery staff throughout their season, and utilize their recovery equipment to reduce risk of injury. 

We are excited to partner with Invictus Health and Recovery. Dr. Caulfield and his team will ensure that our players have top level resources to aid in recovery and injury prevention" Charlie Latshaw, Sporting Director stated. "Partnerships like this are vital for River Light FC’s goal of providing the most professional environment possible at the path to pro level. One of our main goals is making sure players leave our program healthy and prepared for the next step in their personal pathway, Invictus will help us to achieve this goal"

Dr. Caulfield, co-founder of Invictus Health and Recovery with his wife, Dr. Melissa, and Dr. Giang, has been serving the Chicagoland area since 2018. His specialties are the following: sports rehab, surgical rehab, chiropractic, and strength and conditioning programming. He has been especially proficient in bridging the gap between injury and return to sport. Additionally, Dr. Caulfield aims to educate his athletes so they have more knowledge when battling injuries while away at school or with their professional teams.

Dr. Patrick Caulfield is joining the River Light FC team as Head of Rehab and Recovery.  

“I am grateful for the opportunity to provide knowledge and strategies to recover from/reduce risk of injuries for athletes striving to play at the next level” Dr. Caulfield states. “ I believe recovery is the “X” factor in whether an athlete reaches their full potential or not. River Light is providing a rare setup for athletes to evolve and I’m very much looking forward to being part of the process!”

About Invictus Health & Recovery: Our mission is to resolve pain, prevent injury, and allow you to confidently pursue your health and fitness goals. At Invictus, we offer the following services: chiropractic (includes acupuncture, dry needling, cupping, and more), physical therapy, sports/surgical rehab, athletic performance training, general fitness training, massage therapy, and now featuring IV therapy. 

Invictus Health & Recovery has two locations in Geneva & Lisle. Book in with their team today

About River Light FC: Making its debut in 2024, River Light FC is the latest club to join USL League Two. Based in Aurora, Illinois and the greater Fox Valley area, the team supports and celebrates soccer in a community passionate for the sport and hungry for a club to call their own. With both men’s and women’s teams, River Light FC makes their debut ready to train and inspire the next generation of home-grown soccer stars.

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