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River Light FC vs. CDLFC

Women against Chicago Dutch Lions

by Rodrigo Perez

It’s going to be a tough turf battle as the River Light FC USL W team faces the Chicago Dutch Lions Sunday at 5 p.m. at Spartan Sports Complex. With both teams calling the facility home, it’s safe to say that there will be an extra bit of motivation to get the upper hand in their season opener.

“They'll be highly motivated to compete against us due to us sharing a facility and they probably have a point to prove,” Latshaw said.

Last summer the Dutch Lions finished third in the Heartland Division after winning six games in a row and ending with a 7-4 record. With a couple years of experience and a heavy load of non-local talent, the Chicago Dutch Lions provide River Light FC with an interesting challenge.

“There's not many local players in their squad, a lot of them are coming from elsewhere and they'll be just as competitive as anybody else,” Latshaw said.

With this being Latshaw's first time around the block in the USL W landscape, the athletes surrounding the coaching staff have made that adjustment much easier.

“The women have been great, they have great energy and they're all really good people,” Latshaw said. “I'm really enjoying myself in both environments at the moment.”

With the season opener on the horizon, three points won’t come easy and there are multiple factors at play early in the season.

“It's always tricky because they come back from school and they all have their unique ways of playing and then you have to try to make it work in a very short time,” Latshaw said. “So for us we're going to try to put together a squad that makes sense for game day and go out there and score some goals and compete in the best way we can.”

Come out to Spartan Sports Complex to cheer on River Light FC today at 5 p.m!


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